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Why You Should Love Google Updates

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Who doesn’t love updates? An updated version of anything will offer you something better than what you currently have. Whether you upgraded your cell phone from an iPhone 4 to a 4S or simply updated your Facebook status, people love updates because they offer something new and different, and something more useful and beneficial.

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But, sometimes change isn’t easy for everyone. Or, rather, not everyone sees the picture clearly. When Google released its webspam algorithm Penguin, many SEOs and Webmaster reacted with heavy criticism and disdain for the new algorithm, stating that the update only hurt their site rankings. Google responded explaining that the algorithm serves to give all sites an equal chance of ranking well and penalizes those who over-optimize or don’t play fair.

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Did SEOs and Webmaster understand the purpose of Google’s Penguin update or did they react too soon and overlook the bigger picture? Search engine companies are in competition against each other, not with Google. Google’s aim isn’t to pick and choose which sites to hurt and which to favor. Google’s job is to ensure a fair game is played on the SEO court.

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Google dominates the search industry and stands as the leading search engine website. SEOs and Webmasters dedicate much time in analyzing and studying Google SEO. Countless internet users turn to Google when searching online, whether looking for a product, finding directions to a location or staying current on news. Like all businesses, Google is on a mission to find what their customers (SEOs and Webmasters) want and constantly make updates for the benefit of their customers. Google’s Penguin update provides sites with many advantages that many may have overlooked.

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Content still rules
With the Penguin update, content is still king. Both onsite and offsite content is to be of good quality. This means writing content that is clear, focused and original, as opposed to content that is filled with countless keywords and duplicated. Remember, content is for humans to read, not robots. Writing quality content will attract more readers to your site and encourage them to stay on your site longer.

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Increase your page rank
In regards to page rank, again the Penguin’s focus is on quality. Instead of focusing on the number of links pointing back to a domain, the purpose is to focus on the quality of the links. Therefore, Google rewards those who use good, quality links as opposed to cheap and worthless links.

Natural backlinks are rewarded
The Penguin looks for the use mixed anchor texts instead of exact match anchor texts, both onsite and offsite. This helps debunk any spammer’s chance of gaining traffic and helps those who practice honest linking tactics to gain traffic.

It’s ethical
Google updates occur in an effort to offer more benefits for both SEOs and online audiences. Webmasters have a fair chance in competing against other sites for higher rankings and online audiences can avoid dealing with spam-like sites.

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