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Was My Site Affected?

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The WebiMax Team can quickly determine if your site was affected and provide advice on how to recover before the next Penguin refresh. Now is the best time to do begin ranking recovery.

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In order to help determine impacts from Penguin updates, it is ideal for our team to be granted access to the websites analytics and WebMaster Tools if possible.  We will also want to review your SEO strategies over the past few months (and even years) to evaluate whether you have gone against the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Targets of the Penguin include:

  • Keyword Domains – Using a keyword as your domain for the sole purpose of ranking for it
  • Keyword Stuffing – Adding a multitude of targeted keywords on the page
  • Link Schemes – Unethical link building practices
  • Over Optimization of Content – Too many repeats of the keyword to increase page density
  • Spun Articles – Using mass article distribution services that “spin” or reorganize the content to appear as unique articles

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If you were targeted by Google Penguin, your offense is probably on this list. Luckily, WebiMax can give you just the information and tools you need to bounce back and have your site well-ranked again.