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Unexpected Google Algorithm Update Released August 28th, Webmasters Suspect

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No one was quite prepared for it, but it seems that on August 28th, there was yet another update to Google’s algorithm. Webmasters all across the web noticed huge changes in their sites’ traffic – some for the better, and some for the worse.

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We know that Google unleashed a nominal Panda refresh on Monday, August 20th, which was said to have only affected 1% of queries, because Google confirmed it via Twitter. However, they have not confirmed whether or not any new Penguin update was put into motion on the 28th. What leads us to this suspicion is the fact that webmasters have noticed far too much change in their statistics in that one day to go ignored. The following quotes from webmasters have been posted in SEO forums:

“I noticed a massive drop in long tail yesterday.
Our site only went live in June, and there have been no indications of Panda/Penguin.”

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“Small drop today [August 28] for keywords with ‘firm’ in the combination.
HUGE drop (a lot going outside the top 100) for keywords with ‘firms’ in the combination.”

“20% google traffic improvement as of yesterday…”

“So nasty hit dates for me include:
July 20th
August 11th
August 28th

The sheer number of developers complaining about – or celebrating – the changes in their rankings in one day after not seeing significant changes for weeks is solid evidence. So, has Google unrolled another Penguin update on us? It seems to be so – but we can only wait to see if they will confirm. Until then, we do not know exactly what it entails, or what is coming next.

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