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The SEO Era

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It seems like with every big technological innovation that some technologies, products, and methods are bound to be left in the dust.  Once automobiles became mass produced and affordable the unofficial reign of whips and buggies ceased, and the advancement of telecommunications devices have made the postal service lost thousands of employees and billions of dollars.  The last Google
Penguin update had online entrepreneur on the edge of seats for weeks, and now it seems like yet another Google algorithm is in the works.  The far reaching effects of the last update and the new one looming on the horizon has some people wondering about the future of SEO.  In world of on-going Google updates, is SEO still important?

The End of SEO?

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As long as people are still using the Internet, SEO will always be an invaluable tool for businesses.  There is no doubt that new Google Penguin updates, and any major search engine algorithm update, will have a profound effect on search engine results.   SEO success comes from following the basic rules of succeeding in any field.  Professionals need to realize which SEO methods are and aren’t working, and once that is figured out they need to stick with the methods that give good results.  These Google algorithm update doesn’t hurt the SEO business, if anything the updates can only benefit the SEO field.

No, the End of Bad SEO Practices

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Algorithm updates are done in order to bring people the most relevant and best written content possible.  Websites with useful and interesting content will do just fine; it’s the websites that have keyword stuffed content and useless interlinking that will be hurt.  Focusing on well-written content isn’t a new algorithm change, but the important role of social media in search engine results will be.  New Google updates will be placing more and more importance on social media.  This doesn’t mean that pages with a lot of likes will automatically be bumped up in search results.  If companies really want to use social media to their advantage, they’ll be sure to interact with followers more and post engaging content like pictures and videos in their social media profiles.

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