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Post Penguin Update Strategies

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By this point, we all know the basics about the goals of the latest Google changes and what to do to rebuild from their effects. Most webmasters are taking the proper actions: assessing the damage, getting rid of harmful backlinks,

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Unexpected Google Algorithm Update Released August 28th, Webmasters Suspect

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No one was quite prepared for it, but it seems that on August 28th, there was yet another update to Google’s algorithm. Webmasters all across the web noticed huge changes in their sites’ traffic – some for the better, and

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Google Penguin Wages War on Links

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When Google released its Panda update, it was impossible not to notice the initial impact it had on search engine results pages. It periodically rolled out new updates thereafter, but like a shockwave, each subsequent release was less significant than

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Google Gives More Insight Into Further Penguin and Panda Algorithm “Jolts”

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Google’s Spam Department head, Matt Cutts took to the mic at the SES San Francisco conference Thursday to discuss further changes to Google’s algorithm. As many small business owners have noticed, Google updates have come in the form of animal-themed

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Google’s Algorithm Changes: Why they’re Positive

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if anyone who has a Website that was negatively affected by Google’s Penguin update harbors a bit of resentment toward the change. No one wants to see all their hard work go to waste and

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Next Update to Penguin Will Have Significant Impact, Says Cutts

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While web spammers and businesses that use black hat SEO tactics are still picking up the pieces from the previous release of Google’s Penguin algorithm, it turns out there’s even more stormy weather on the way. Matt Cutts, the company’s

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Four Months Later: Recovering From the Penguin Update

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On April 25th, Google’s Penguin Update struck thousands of webmasters and changed organic ranking criteria for the foreseeable future.  In the months since, many affected sites have undergone significant revisions to their content and taken steps to improve their link

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Penguin Update Webinar Sponsored by WebiMax – June 5th 2:00 EST online to Case
What is going on in the minds of Google? Over 50 updates per week and more than 500 updates per year. There are more questions now than ever regarding how to best optimize your site and play within the rules

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Do Panda & Penguin Protect Content From Plagiarizers?

This past week, a story has been circulating online about a blogger in Missouri whose work was plagiarized by a local newspaper. On his blog, Duane Lester covered a hot news topic that drew the attention of the Oregon Times

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Due Diligence Can Save You From the Penguin

Perhaps the most important part of working with an SEO company is the amount of transparency and communication they provide their clients.  This distinguishing characteristic sets most companies apart. Since Google’s Penguin update (much like the Panda update) aims to

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