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Google Changes you Might not have Noticed

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SEO marketers know that it’s been a rough year in their field; the Google algorithm undergoes up to 600 changes per year, and most SEO aficionados try to keep tabs on specific dates and functions of the changes. This way,

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Unexpected Google Algorithm Update Released August 28th, Webmasters Suspect

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No one was quite prepared for it, but it seems that on August 28th, there was yet another update to Google’s algorithm. Webmasters all across the web noticed huge changes in their sites’ traffic – some for the better, and

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Google Penguin Wages War on Links

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When Google released its Panda update, it was impossible not to notice the initial impact it had on search engine results pages. It periodically rolled out new updates thereafter, but like a shockwave, each subsequent release was less significant than

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The SEO Era

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It seems like with every big technological innovation that some technologies, products, and methods are bound to be left in the dust.  Once automobiles became mass produced and affordable the unofficial reign of whips and buggies ceased, and the advancement

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Google’s Algorithm Changes: Why they’re Positive

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if anyone who has a Website that was negatively affected by Google’s Penguin update harbors a bit of resentment toward the change. No one wants to see all their hard work go to waste and

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Writing Web Content with the Google Penguin in Mind

When Google’s spam-fighting algorithm Penguin made its debut appearance on April 24th, SEOs and Webmasters immediately revolted against the algorithm claiming that it only hurt their site and caused a dramatic drop in their site’s rankings. Shortly after the Penguin’s

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7 Reasons to Love the Google Penguin

While SEOs and webmasters continue to shed panic over Google’s new spam-fighting algorithm, Penguin, the update provides many benefits that SEOs and webmasters may be overlooking. 1. It’s fair game Google’s Penguin is cracking down on sites that are manipulating

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Due Diligence Can Save You From the Penguin

Perhaps the most important part of working with an SEO company is the amount of transparency and communication they provide their clients.  This distinguishing characteristic sets most companies apart. Since Google’s Penguin update (much like the Panda update) aims to

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How to Avoid the Attack of the Google Penguin

When Google released its webspam algorithm update, Penguin, on April 24, heads spun. While it’s common for algorithms to stir debate, the Penguin update triggered an alarming amount of criticism. Webmasters and SEOs fired back at the new algorithm, claiming

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