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Recent Penguin Update

It’s official, Google’s Penguin 3.0 Update is Live… Are your back links clean?

Nothing shakes up the online world like a Penguin update and Google just confirmed that the Penguin 3.0 update went live last Friday, this time targeting links regarded as “Spammy.”

For business today, a Google Penguin update is a really big deal.   44% of online shoppers use search engines to get started, and Google leads the search engine pack with 65% of all search queries.   When Google makes changes to the way it ranks and lists webpages, some businesses will benefit while others can seriously take a hit.

So what is Google doing?

Google is placing a heavier emphasis on analyzing “spammy” back links when considering where to rank pages that come up in their search results.  Websites with more of these undesirable backlinks and content get ranked lower, rendering them less visible.

What types of behaviors would result in a lower rank from Google?

In this particular update, Spamdexing is the target.  Spamdexing is manipulating search engines indexes by loading up pages with irrelevant useless and sometimes even computer-generated content, keywords and links.  These techniques are what we call in the biz “Black Hat SEO” and are generally considered unethical.  Why?  These types of pages tend not to hold any value for the people that land on them after a search. People were often manipulated into clicking on them in the first place, and generally won’t find what they are looking for.  It leads to wasted time for the consumer, and generates little to no value to the business employing the techniques.  The only people to benefit in this scenario are the ones that are utilizing these Black Hat techniques.  They are getting paid per click to load the internet with useless information.  Google generally doesn’t want you to associate their search engine with those types of results.

Why target spamdexing?

Google wants to remain the #1 search engine forever, therefore Google has a vested interest in showing users the sites that Google thinks are the most valuable and useful.  Businesses that want to stay in business have to become that valuable resource for consumers.  Content has to be more than just product pitching, it has to be of some value to the consumer whether that be educational to some degree, or explaining why some service is important.  Brands have to become interactive and focused on developing credibility and authority in their industry with their content, or they will risk being invisible.

Digital is the focus of marketing going forward.  Unfortunately many businesses that tried to position themselves well for the shift to digital were unaware of the changes that search engines like Google would implement in the future and may have employed some Black Hat techniques in the past.   With a targeted White Hat SEO campaign however, a lot of the damage can be reversed.  To find out more about how you can reverse the damage Call Us Today at (888) 293-2880 for a free website analysis, or to find out if your site was affected by the latest Google Penguin update click the link here:  Was my site affected?