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Penguin Update Webinar Sponsored by WebiMax – June 5th 2:00 EST

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What is going on in the minds of Google? Over 50 updates per week and more than 500 updates per year. There are more questions now than ever regarding how to best optimize your site and play within the rules set by Google. The future of SEO and Internet marketing has not only changed over the year but, most recently, over the past few weeks. Online marketers are questioning there link profiles, SEO work they have done in the past and what they should do moving forward.
WebiMax SEO Experts will discuss:
The New King – Relevancy
SEO Signals: Links, Social & Relevancy
What is the Penguin update
How it affects your web site and business
How to recover or prepare your site from damaging updates
Knowledge Graph
Link Profiles
Question and Answer
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