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Penguin Algorithm Update to affect even SEO Companies

“You don’t want the next Penguin update.”

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This is what Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO specialist, stated during the most recent Google announcement. He didn’t quite specify what he meant by that, but it certainly left webmasters anxiously wondering.


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We’ve been discussing how businesses with websites will be struggling as a result of the previous and impending Penguin algorithm updates, but we haven’t really stopped to think about how the hundreds upon hundreds of SEO companies – the very ones these businesses had been employing – will fare. Fiona Lewis, a marketing expert, says, β€œIt will be carnage for many companies and business owners. I feel sorry especially for the businesses that pay good money to slack SEO companies who didn’t see this coming.”


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What she means is that, as it stands, it’s quickly becoming apparent which SEO companies have not been prepared for the worst. It’s unfortunately common for some to rely on the cheapest SEO tricks to get their clients’ sites to the front pages of Google, and by the looks of it, they never anticipated these changes. Regrettably, many businesses have spent valuable time and money employing these services, and may soon be eating their investments. Lewis anticipates that these companies only have about three months to get their acts together before their clients will begin to take note of the detriments and end their contracts.


In other words, we guess you could say that Google’s plan is working. The companies that don’t demonstrate better SEO practices will eventually collapse and the ones that are more diligent will be thriving more than ever once all the Penguin updates have rolled out. Let it be a lesson to SEO “experts” to stay on top of Google updates, take the proper precautions, and build rankings in an organic and useful manner.

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