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Google’s New Sitelink Policy

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The people over at Penguin Watch are gearing up for a new Google policy change.  They’re at it again with another policy update, but this time it’s about sitelinks.   According to Google’s new policy each sitelink within a campaign now needs to link to a unique landing page or content on the site.  This change was brought on by a high number of sitelinks that seemed to be all leading to the same landing page.

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The policy change will automatically be enforced on any new sitelinks and any existing site links will be reviewed in the upcoming months.  The easiest way to avoid any sitelink penalties from Google is to take time to switch up some of the URLs on your already existing sitelinks.  These links should ideally be relevant to the main ad copy in order to provide additional content in order to increase the conversion and click-through rates.

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You should already know that having all of you links connect to the homepage of a website isn’t a good SEO practice.  If you think you’ve been relying too much on the home page, why not try linking to the about us or contact us page?  You shouldn’t stop there though, get bold and have some sitelinks leading directly to certain related product pages.  This strategy is obviously easier for ecommerce sites, but if you’re doing a campaign for other companies and businesses you’ll have to get a little more creative with your URLs.  You could have links that redirect towards positive customer reviews and positive press about the business.

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