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Google’s Algorithm Changes: Why they’re Positive

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if anyone who has a Website that was negatively affected by Google’s Penguin update harbors a bit of resentment toward the change. No one wants to see all their hard work go to waste and their once pristinely-ranked homepages get booted off the first page of search results for hot keywords. Regardless, truth be told, the changes Google has chosen to make are actually beneficial for the user and Website creator alike, even if it does not seem to be so. Once you have made the necessary adjustments to recover your ranking, think about why you should be grateful – both as a user and a site moderator.

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Google’s algorithm changes create an all-around better user experience. Almost anyone who uses the internet is a user of search engines, and most would agree that it’s frustrating when the first few results after searching lead to sites with very little helpful content. By targeting sites that are culprits of having keyword stuffing, spun articles, and blatantly excessive optimization, users are more likely to feel satisfied by the results the search engines turn out.

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That being said, if your site does make it to the front page of results, then it is most likely contains content that is readable and relevant. You can think of this as sort of a reward system for having user-friendly Websites: by encouraging you to have more legitimate content, you will be rewarded by having visitors who are willing to spend more time perusing your site. It doesn’t take long for users to deem certain sites ‘spam’ and navigate away from them once they see the keyword forced into every sentence. However, if they are actually enjoying the content, they are more likely to click through the pages – more traffic for you!

These algorithm changes will benefit most sites that never used these SEO schemes to begin with. Many developers were previously victims of having legitimately useful and relevant websites but had to face strong competition for ranking from overly optimized pages. Now, those types of pages don’t stand a chance, whereas sites with good content will naturally make it to the top of the list of results.

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