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Google Updates AdWord Policy

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Google has dropped the hammer on a variety of SEO practices —  excessive keyword use, spun content, and the like. Ever watchful, it has knocked down poorly optimized website after poorly optimized website, leaving guilty webmasters to fumble for their rankings or even start from square one. Google’s lack of mercy toward bad SEO practices has no end in sight; in fact, it’s snowballing. Now, the people behind the algorithm are shifting their focus toward pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising.

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We can’t really blame Google for what it’s been doing. Tons of low-quality content gets uploaded to the internet on an hourly basis, which spawns even more low-quality advertising for said content. Google is just trying to help us, the searchers, weed it out so we can more easily find what we are looking for, but the authors and uploaders and advertisers are relentless.

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So how does PPC come into play? Hopefully, it will be improved for everyone involved – searchers, managers, and even the Google team – except for those guilty of PPC spam (read: anyone who deceives searchers with untrained eyes into clicking on their ads). Additionally, it will hopefully encourage the staff of PPC campaigns to keep a better eye on their processes.

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The goal is to improve these PPC ads the same way Google wants to improve web content – by rewarding those with diligent practices and punishing spammers. Ideally, the ads will become more relevant and useful, benefitting the viewer and linking to legitimate sites. Quality content has become paramount as a result of all the Google updates, and now it will be even more so. By encouraging more responsible ad links, useful ad copy, and relevant landing pages, the hope is that for PPC managers their Quality Scores will rise and their click costs will go down.

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It’s a long road ahead but PPC managers should know it’s coming – if you don’t have the best PPC practices, now is a good time to start, since poor practices will be punished. Clickthrough Marketing has a comprehensive list of the new rules and penalties for anyone who is interested.

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