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Google Penguin Wages War on Links

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When Google released its Panda update, it was impossible not to notice the initial impact it had on search engine results pages. It periodically rolled out new updates thereafter, but like a shockwave, each subsequent release was less significant than the last. Google Penguin, released in April, is supposed to take a similar course of action, but each successive hit is projected to be equally as rattling as the first. The creators of Penguin

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While it’s difficult to have beef with an algorithm change that is meant to reduce spam, some webmasters question the integrity behind its intent. Some fear that they have been unfairly targeted due to their use of links – Google’s latest big no-no. While some sites interlink (and link to other sites) excessively, to the point where it is confusing and not useful to the reader – some sites have truly useful links to and from various pages, but the new algorithm picks it up as spam.

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Allegedly, a tool is in the making which site developers can use to tell the search engine which links to ignore. There was once a time when excessive links to your site from outside sites would boost ranking, but since those days are gone, it is more favorable to have those links fall off the grid. Webmasters are anxiously hoping that tool will be released before the next Google Penguin update rolls out.

And it truly can’t come soon enough, because some developers are completely making bank off the detriments of this new update. Back when people would invest in linkbuilding, it wasn’t uncommon for a developer to pay several other sites to link back to their own. Now that those links are doing harm, these developers obviously want them removed. However, the site that once took payment for putting the links on their sites are now charging a fee to remove them – usually upwards of $50. That’s right…it is actually possible for a Website owner [with poor morals] to charge both to add and to remove links from their site. If that SEO tool is really in the works, it had better get here soon.

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