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Google’s New Disavow Tool: Why and How to Use it

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Much to the excitement of webmasters who have been antagonized by Google Penguin, Google has made a peace offering: its new disavow tool. As you probably know, the reason so many sites are losing their formerly prestigious search engine rankings

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Google Changes you Might not have Noticed

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SEO marketers know that it’s been a rough year in their field; the Google algorithm undergoes up to 600 changes per year, and most SEO aficionados try to keep tabs on specific dates and functions of the changes. This way,

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The SEO Problem of Unfamiliarity

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With the online community shaken by Google’s recent slew of updates, we can expect, in the near future, a number of SEO companies to drop off the grid. Why? Well, Google has been hinting for quite some time that, moving

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Post Penguin Update Strategies

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By this point, we all know the basics about the goals of the latest Google changes and what to do to rebuild from their effects. Most webmasters are taking the proper actions: assessing the damage, getting rid of harmful backlinks,

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Google Penguin Wages War on Links

When Google released its Panda update, it was impossible not to notice the initial impact it had on search engine results pages. It periodically rolled out new updates thereafter, but like a shockwave, each subsequent release was less significant than

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Relevancy & Exact-Match Anchor Text Linking in the Penguin Era

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The recent Penguin Update has sent waves through the industry and only now are those that have been affected getting a handle on understanding what has happened to their sites and been able to start taking proactive steps to rectify

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What Not To Do Pre and Post Penguin – "Keyword Stuffing"

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There are many optimization practices that are recommended within the internet marketing community to increase the authority and relevance of webpages for higher search rankings. This search engine optimization has evolved through the years and has elevated to a point

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