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Blogging on the Post-Penguin Web

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Today, many webmasters utilize blogs to keep their viewers updated on new offerings or events and to help generate feedback from that audience.  However, blogs have also been used by online marketers as a tool to build authority in the SERPs and establish a greater overall presence on the Web.  Additionally, with many website owners on Penguin watch following Google’s major algorithm update in April, blogs have proven to add truly viable SEO value that is Penguin-friendly.

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Although blogs have always been a cornerstone of many SEO campaigns, they are now more important than ever before.  For developers of blog content, quality and relevance are crucial on the post-Penguin Web.  Posts should always be original, as duplicate content is penalized by search engines.  The structure and topicality of posts are also critical.  Spun articles and blog posts which formerly carried SEO weight are now targeted by search engines and some are even de-indexed.

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Another ranking component is authorship.  Content creators can now establish themselves within the SERPs based on their name, area or areas of expertise and previous posts written.  Going forward, authorship is likely to become a more substantial ranking factor and holds value to not only authors, but marketers and the brands they represent, as well.

A vast majority of SEO developers realize that quality is now the single most significant aspect of success in the organic SERPs.  The future of both search engine optimization and blogging depends on the development and implementation of high-quality content.

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