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Why You Should Love Google Updates

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Who doesn’t love updates? An updated version of anything will offer you something better than what you currently have. Whether you upgraded your cell phone from an iPhone 4 to a 4S or simply updated your Facebook status, people love

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7 Reasons to Love the Google Penguin

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While SEOs and webmasters continue to shed panic over Google’s new spam-fighting algorithm, Penguin, the update provides many benefits that SEOs and webmasters may be overlooking. 1. It’s fair game Google’s Penguin is cracking down on sites that are manipulating

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How to Avoid the Attack of the Google Penguin

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When Google released its webspam algorithm update, Penguin, on April 24, heads spun. While it’s common for algorithms to stir debate, the Penguin update triggered an alarming amount of criticism. Webmasters and SEOs fired back at the new algorithm, claiming

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