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7 Reasons to Love the Google Penguin

While SEOs and webmasters continue to shed panic over Google’s new spam-fighting algorithm, Penguin, the update provides many benefits that SEOs and webmasters may be overlooking.

1. It’s fair game
Google’s Penguin is cracking down on sites that are manipulating the search system by purposely over-optimizing in order to rank high in the SERPs. Sites that cheat the system are penalized in which they are removed from Google’s index. This allows for sites that aren’t scamming the search system to have a fair shot at ranking well in the SERPs.

2. No more spam
Nothing turns away audiences faster than spam. If something looks fishy, the Penguin’s after it. Sites don’t have to worry about competing with spam and online audiences no longer have to worry about running into sites that are compiled with spam.

3. No more negative SEO
Many companies have experienced being purposely attacked by other companies in which negative and even false content is produced with links pointing to them. But, with Google’s Penguin, having thousands of links pointing to a site will hit Google’s radar.  At least, that’s what we are hearing/seeing as of now and we will keep an eye on this topic as it unfolds.

4. Valuable content is recognized
While SEOs and webmasters focus on linking keywords in content, the Penguin is watching out for sites that create keyword-stuffed content. Although sites want to make it into the SERPs, in which placing keywords in content helps, Google is looking at sites that overstuff with keywords as scamming the system. Google values sites that provide valuable content for readers. So, sites that take the time to create valuable content for readers are recognized by Google.

5. No more duplicate content
In addition to watching for keyword-stuffed content, the Penguin is watching for sites that provide duplicate content across domains. Google views this as a means of manipulating search engine rankings in order to win more traffic. Also, no web user wants to come across the same content repeatedly in the search results. Sites that take the time to produce valuable and unique content on each page are recognized by Google and web audiences.

6. Building quality links is easy
Prior to the Penguin update, people were throwing links in every which direction in an attempt to drive traffic to their website. But, the Penguin is on the lookout for quality links. This means links that are relevant, natural and from various sites or blogs that hold relevant authority. Since Google wants quality links, the need to provide thousands of links to a page or a site to rank it isn’t necessary.

7. You can get social
The Google Penguin doesn’t want you to depend solely on Google for your traffic. So, now’s the time for online businesses to jump into social media. Social media sites are easy to use and effective as you can reach a large audience quickly. Also, social media sites are growing in popularity by the second among web audiences. You can share the latest news in your industry or the latest news about a product or service and news will spread quickly.

Although the Google Penguin caused some outrage among SEOs and webmasters, the new algorithm provides many benefits.  SEOs and webmasters who create quality sites that provide a great user experience, follow white hat techniques and don’t participate in webspam tactics will be recognized by Google. Also, web audiences no longer have to experience running into spam-like pages and can search for quality sites.


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