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Penguin Webinar

What is going on in the minds of Google?

WebiMax sponsored a webinar on the Google Penguin update and the Future of Internet Marketing - View the presentation in full now!

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Over 50 updates per week and more than 500 updates per year. There are more questions now than ever regarding how to best optimize your site and play...
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The Penguin Update

CNBC Penguin UpdateA recent interview with WebiMax VP of Digital Strategy regarding the latest update from Google titled, The Penguin Update, was published on CNBC.

"Being at the top of a Google search results page is a highly sought piece of real estate for many businesses. After all, being listed near the top of the results page on Google can be the difference between gaining new customers and losing them to another company. A recent series of changes released by Google..." Read More

Tips Toward Recovery

Listen to Todd Bailey,VP of Digital Strategies, discuss the Penguin Update on The Wall Street Journal (MarketWatch). Listen Now
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There are many optimization practices that are recommended within the internet marketing community to increase the authority and relevance of webpages for higher search rankings.
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